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Friday, October 29, 2010

Current Affairs Pledge to America on Healthcare

Pledge to America on Healthcare

Right after Boehner released the Pledge to America (I guess it's been weeks now), I noted down what it seemed to mean for healthcare and have been meaning to send it out ever since:
We the Republican Leadership, assembled here in solemn session, pledge that we will do the following:
1. Deny health insurance coverage to children with pre-existing conditions
2. Put life time limits on benefits (Once you reach your limit, we will send you to one of Obama's death panels -- in the spirit of bipartisanship, we will retain the Obama panels for those who can't afford medical care on their own)
3. Allow retroactive cancellation of policies
4. Deny all appeals of claims
5. Dispense with free preventive services
6. As for people 21 to 26, let them get their own damn insurance or tap their parents IRA's when they get sick.
7. Affirm the right of anyone and everyone to go uninsured.
Not only do we believe that this is what the American people want, we wish to note that it is a job creation program, particularly in the mortuary industry.

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