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Friday, October 29, 2010


FOREWARD:  I've set up this blog for several purposes.

  1. As an arena for discussion of current events -- politics, economics, foreign affairs.
  2. My thoughts on what I have been reading about art and what I have seen in museums and at exhibitions.
  3. Images of my art work.
  4. Images of friends' art work
  5. Brief reviews of books I have read recently
  6. Brief reviews of films I have seen recently -- mainly on Netflix instant view
I called it Netcafe, because I hope it will generate some discussuion of the kind I might be having if there were a coffee shop or bar down the street, where I could meet my friends andf talk about what we have been reading, seeing and doing.  If no one reads it and no one comments, it will be ok.  All my life I have meant to keep a journal and have never been able to do it.  I started one each time I started a foreign assignment.  Each one lasted about three days.  Some of them were pretty good, while they lasted.

I am sorry you will have to get through the spam filter, if you want to comment.  I think you will only have to do that once.  The filter is apparently the only way to keep out the penis enlargement people.

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