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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama Further Confuses the Birther Controversy

Donald Trump, a frequent contributor to the Democratic Party, has been working closely with President Obama to set up conditions to keep the birther controversy alive so as to conceal the President’s true origins.  Trump, acting as the President’s foil,  campaigned over the past several weeks to stir the birther pot and set the stage for release of still another bogus birth certificate and an on the record denial by the President that he was born outside the United States.  Nothing is likely to stir up the birthers more than a Presidential denial, and White House insiders are certain that doubts among Republican voters will grow and become stronger than ever.
Today’s events are continuation of a strategy first conceived after the President’s unsuccessful run in 2005 to become President of Kenya (See today’s Borowitz Report).  Insiders realized that if it could be proved that Obama was not born in Kenya or the U.S., the truth was likely to come out that he was born in another galaxy and brought here as in infant in a large spaceship that still orbits earth and provides Obama with whatever support he needs, including the falsification of official documents.
Obama’s extra-terrestrial origins have been confirmed by a large number of former abductees who have been on the ship.  Some, who were abducted as early as 1961, clearly remember seeing the infant Obama on the ship training for his mission on earth, and a few of them actually had an opportunity to discuss a variety of earth issues with him.  Even as an infant, they said, he sounded just like a Harvard law professor.   All of the abductees who saw Obama on the ship said that there was no mistaking who he was.  Despite the fact that he was then still an infant, “you could tell by the ears.”
According to recent reliable reports, many abductees have gone into hiding to avoid the fate of their colleagues, who were whisked away in black UN helicopters as soon as they mentioned what they had seen on the spaceship..

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