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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What’s the Matter with Kentucky?

In John Quincy Adams, the author, Harlow Giles Unger, notes that Adams was consistent throughout his very long public career in defending the rights of all, and this included strong opposition to slavery, but he seemed to believe that a large proportion of society was too ill-informed and ignorant to make decisions in its own best interest.  In other words, he was an elitist when it came to voting and governing.   Maybe he was right.  I’ve never been able to figure why so many blue collar workers are rock ribbed Republicans.  Actually I don’t understand why anyone is a Republican other than entrepreneurs, financiers and the people who provide them with services like corporate lawyers and accountants, lobbyists and trade association and think tank staffs.  On the front page of yesterday’s Washington Post (November 10, 2015) there was a picture of Dennis Blackburn, 56, of South Williamson, Kentucky.  He says he would probably be dead, if it weren’t for the health insurance he got through Kynect, the state’s response to Obamacare. In the recent election for governor, he voted for businessman Matt Bevin, who had built his campaign around a pledge to dismantle Kynect.  Go figure.

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