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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Shutdown, Cancer and Children’s Health -- Bashing Journalistic Integrity

I did my first post on this subject after seeing a clip on CNN.  The questioner was in profile, and I didn’t recognize her as CNN’s own Dana Bash.  Afterwards I googled “shutdown cancer Children” and found she had launched a real shutstorm.   Now I understand why Harry Reid wondered why a person of her intelligence would ask such a question.  Why does a nationally known reporter like Dana Bash use a Republican talking point as a question?  Answer:  To get her name in lights.  She did.  Are we now to consider “journalistic integrity” as an oxymoron on a par with “legal ethics” and “military intelligence?”
The essence of the question was:  “If we could save one child’s life by passing a limited authorization for NIH to go ahead with its research study, shouldn’t we do it?”
The answer is:  “We are deeply concerned about the children who had hoped to be treated at NIH and equally concerned about the millions of children who have no access to health care now but will have it under Obamacare, if we resist Republican efforts to kill it.”

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