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Friday, March 22, 2013

Registering Guns and Automobiles

For some reason the Founding Fathers forgot to mention automobiles in the Bill of Rights.  Soon after automobiles were invented the states started requiring that they be registered.  Anyone could tick off maybe ten different reasons why the states did this.  Among these was a desire to ensure that automobiles were used responsibly, so that drivers would not endanger others.  In addition to registration, they required operators of automobiles to be licensed and generally held owners of registered automobiles responsible for ensuring that operators of their vehicles were properly licensed.  I don't see why we can't have the same kind of registration and licensing for firearms and their users that we have for automobiles and drivers.  Spokesmen for the NRA are fond of saying that guns don't kill people; only people kill people.  The same is true of automobiles.  Automobiles don't kill people; only drivers kill people.  Since the purpose of guns is to kill people and animals and the purpose of automobiles is to get them from place to place, it seems to me that registering ownership of guns and licensing all users of guns is far more urgent than registering vehicles and licensing drivers.  Is this a no-brainer or what!

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