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Friday, September 21, 2012

The Three “Rs,” Romney, Ryan and Redistribution

After Mitt Romney bared his soul about the 47% of Americans who are career moochers, I was glad to see that CNN and everyone else except Fox News and Rush Limbaugh took time to tell him what “redistribution” means.  As Mitt seems to see it, President Obama has his minions taking envelopes of cash from “makers” and dropping them off at the 47% of households which prefer to live on the government dole.  What is actually happening is that the cash “taken” from federal tax payers is used for programs like unemployment insurance and retraining, research and education, and maintenance of infrastructure as well as pensions for retirees, Medicare and Medicaid, and  a safety net for those truly unable to care for themselves.  In other words, redistribution helps maintain the viable workforce and infrastructure which is essential to support a viable economy and the investors who profit from it.

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