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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sharpening Obama’s Campaign Message

Am I missing something?  I cannot understand why each and every campaign statement by Obama and every one of his surrogates doesn’t include a plea to give him a Democratic House and 60 Democratic senators next November.  While we all recognize that this is basically a middle of the road country, something has happened to the Republican Party.  The moderate Republicans who were able to work with Democrats have disappeared.  Bilateral solutions are no longer possible, because there is no one for Democrats to negotiate with.  Voters’ only choice, if they want to restore effective government, is to reelect Obama and elect a Democratic Congress to work with him.  If that happens and the Democrats are able to restore growth and move on to long term management of the debt, there is certainly the possibility that moderate Republicans will be able to revive their party and restore the two party system that worked so well in the past to keep the country on a middle path and balance the interests of capital and labor.  The alternatives are gridlock with either a President Romney or one house of Congress able to block all progressive legislation or, worse yet, a right wing Republican sweep which could turn back the clock to the 1920s or even earlier.  I took to heart what one street demonstrator had to say in the wake of the Wisconsin disaster:  “The Republicans won’t be satisfied until all working people are making the minimum wage.”

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