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Friday, January 14, 2011

LG's New LED Projector

DLP Projector
When I was still teaching art history at Montgomery College, I occasionally gave a lecture or a slide presentation someplace else, and for that I had a Kodak projector and some mediocre slides.  Making the slides and getting them developed was a real pain.  I’ve just treated myself to a new toy, an LG Electronics Model HS-201 DLP projector, which I bought from Amazon after a bit of research on the internet.  The customer reviews on Amazon were amazingly detailed and accurate.  The projector bulb is an LED which is supposed to last for 30,000 hours.  The reason I hadn’t bought a projector sooner was because they cost a fortune and replacement bulbs cost a small fortune and always burn out in the middle of a presentation.  This projector is about the size of a small, thick book.  It has analog video and audio inputs, a VGA input for connecting to a computer and an HDMI input for connecting to anything digital that has an HDMI out.  The unit has speakers but one wouldn’t want to use them for anything but ensuring that there was sound from the input source.  There’s an output jack for audio which can be used with earphones or plugged into any device that has an amplifier.  I’m using the speakers in an old TV at the moment.  The amazing feature is a USB port which allows one to show still pictures and video clips from nothing more than a cruzer.  I think I’ve tried all of the features, including watching a Netflix instant view movie streamed from my laptop and SD quality cable TV from Verizon, both while I was on a treadmill.  I watched some digital still pictures and a video clip from a cruzer and they were great.  The room has to be fairly dark for a really good picture.  The colors are vivid.  My screen is about 68” wide.  The picture was great when I watched the NFL playoffs last weekend.  I don’t know if the picture would still be bright on a larger surface such as a whole wall.

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